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Building a Dream Team


Itís not easy to establish a high level of effectiveness when youíre putting together a new team or developing an existing one. Every member of a team brings unique strengths and skills to the group. Recognizing these skills and how they can contribute and complement each other so that everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve the teamís goals is a complex challenge for managers and team leaders. Managers need to focus in particular on selecting the right person for the right role, communicating clear team goals and tasks, and energizing the performance of the team as a whole to succeed.


Content Highlights

Participants will learn how to create, develop, and motivate a cohesive, positive and productive team.† The course will review key aspects of a dynamic team, and define what managers need to do to ensure that their team thrives and is successful.† Some individuals are highly self-motivated as team members, while others need direction to perform: participants will gain an understanding of different individual needs to take into consideration when organizing and managing team players in a Dream Team.†


  • Identifying the components of a winning team
  • Understanding the importance of different team roles
  • Defining the principles of successful teamwork
  • Examining the stages and processes of building a Dream Team
  • Achieving team synergies
  • Learning †about ways to motivate the team for top team performance
  • Communicating effectively with team members
  • Improving group dynamics and solving common team problems
  • Assigning and delegating tasks amongst team members
  • Maximizing team happiness and productivity
  • Being aware of the dangers of dysfunctional teams

Course Facts

2 days; 12 hours



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Hussain Ismail
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Qatar Finance and Business Academy- QFBA, Qatar


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