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Leading Change Management


Modern organizations are constantly evolving and needing to adapt to national, regional, international and global forces. This requires a corporate culture which is flexible and adaptable in order to compete globally and succeed. Change Management is a structured approach for ensuring that transition so that change is implemented in a planned, thoroughly organized and smooth manner which results in a positive experience for all concerned. Change can take many forms, ranging from a simple process to a major overhaul of organizational strategy if an organization is to move ahead and succeed. Managers need to be able to confidently lead and implement many different types of change. This can be a challenging process for many managers, who are responsible for dismantling existing processes and then reconstructing in a different form.


Content Highlights

Managers have to be aware of how to successfully prepare and carry forward the stages of change management.  Change does not happen in a vacuum; people are needed to make change happen, and the impact of effective change management will be examined from an organizational and an individual perspective.  Change will mean introducing new ways of doing things, establishing new working relationships and redefining existing processes and procedures.  Managers often encounter resistance and other responses to change when trying to disengage people from embedded behaviors, routines and processes: this course will facilitate change management so that managers can confidently deal with resistance to change and implement a smooth and successful transition.  


  • Understanding the drivers of change
  • Becoming a Change Agent
  • Investigating change
  • Evaluating models of change
  • Planning Change
  • Establishing a new culture towards change
  • Gaining buy-in to change
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Communicating change
  • Implementing Change – change models
  • Unpacking a Change Management toolkit

Course Facts:

2 days; 12 hours



“As a certified Investor in People organization, we strive to continuously provide our employees with unique learning and development solutions and pportunities.  In our partnership with SKILLS , they were able to deliver custom made learning sessions and workshops that have challenged and inspired our employees“

Shaikh Faisal Bin A. Rahman Al Khalifa
Director of Quality Systems & Internal Audit
Court of the Crown Prince, Kingdom of Bahrain


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