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Managing Conflict


Different people with different perspectives, motives, goals and needs, who are facing various stressors in their lives and approaching things in various ways, may sometimes come into conflict. If conflict is not managed skillfully, the consequences can be disastrous for the people involved as well as the organization. However, as long as conflict is resolved effectively, it can result in personal and professional growth, and increased harmony within the organization. By successfully managing conflict, you can also solve unexpected underlying problems and issues, and gain benefits that you may not have thought possible.


Content Highlights

Participants will learn that resolving conflict requires being respectful of all view points and exercising patient, diplomatic problem-solving skills. Participants will an gain awareness and understanding of different situations of potential conflict, and of different people’s perspectives of those situations.  Participants will gain insight into strategies of approaching, mediating and resolving conflict in the workplace.   Options for conflict management will be examined, and the rationale behind each option analyzed carefully prior to action being taken.   The consequences of successful – and unsuccessful – conflict management will be highlighted.


  • Examining sources of conflict
  • Understanding consequences of unresolved conflict
  • Studying conflict styles and situations
  • Developing skills of empathy and projection
  • Reviewing the process of Conflict Resolution
  • Adopting strategies for conflict resolution
  • Finding Middle Ground for negotiation space and compromise
  • Undertaking Negotiation and Mediation : The Win-Win objective
  • Dealing with Emotions: Feelings: Behavior
  • Resolving team conflict

Course Facts

2 days; 12 hours



“In our efforts at constantly upgrading the skills of our staff and
providing them with relevant learning and developmental
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Ravi Mohanty, Manager
Training & Development
Kingdom of Bahrain


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