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Measuring Goal Achievement (KPIs)


Mystery still surrounds what counts as a justifiable measure of success, even though we know it is important to measure performance progress. How do we know if we are near to achieving our goals? What if we are not progressing? What measures of success can we use to know how we are doing? How are we doing compared to competition? Although goals may be achieved, little is usually done to implement improvement along the way to further improve successful practice.


Content Highlights

Participants will evaluate different methodologies and tools for goal monitoring and measurement. In particular, the importance of identifying effective and accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be highlighted in order for managers to accurately evaluate the journey towards success. KPIs are an important management decision making tool, and participants will learn how to make effective decisions and take positive action based on information gathered from a range of KPIs .


  • Understanding why we need to measure goals
  • Identifying the things that matter for success: Critical Success Factors
  • Defining the meaning of Performance Measures
  • Cascading your goals : measuring Goal Outcomes as Accomplishments
  • Making sure that measures are meaningful
  • Measuring by objectives
  • Getting to grips with Key Performance Indicators
  • Describing Levels of Performance
  • Interpreting measurements : making decisions and taking action
  • Setting effective KPI’s : tools to use
  • Successfully measuring goals : How to avoid mistakes

Course Facts

3 days; 18 hours



“In our efforts at constantly upgrading the skills of our staff and
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Ravi Mohanty, Manager
Training & Development
Kingdom of Bahrain


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