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Business Writing with Impact for Managers


Managers are required to communicate in particular ways but developing accurate, clear and specific writing techniques is essential. Information overload is everywhere around us, it is therefore critical that managers communicate quickly, clearly, concisely and effectively. Emails that read like a book can make important points seem invisible, badly constructed letters can be ambiguous and lead to misunderstandings if not correctly worded. Poorly written communications will lose business for your organization. Furthermore, people just donít have time to read and reread what is written to make sure they understand Ė therefore what is written must have an immediate and predicted impact on the reader, and be absolutely understood.


Content Highlights

Participants will focus on improving their business writing skills and making a powerful impact through their written communications. Participants will be taken through steps to confidently build and define their professional writing ‘voice’ in order to construct impressive and high quality written communications.


  • Identifying your reader
  • Creating an Outlining and Maintaining Focus
  • Building content and organizing information
  • Selecting a format and structure
  • Writing to inspire action
  • Developing Style and Tone
  • Staying objective : ABC : Accurate, Brief, Concise
  • Presenting your case
  • ‘Hooking’ the reader’s attention
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Phrases and vocabularly for impact
  • Common grammatical errors that cause confusion
  • Writing in practice : Reports, Proposals, Business Letters, Emails, Policies & Procedures, Press Releases, Notices, Meeting Notes.

Course Facts

4 days; 24 hours.



“As a certified Investor in People organization, we strive to continuously provide our employees with unique learning and development solutions and pportunities.  In our partnership with SKILLS , they were able to deliver custom made learning sessions and workshops that have challenged and inspired our employees“

Shaikh Faisal Bin A. Rahman Al Khalifa
Director of Quality Systems & Internal Audit
Court of the Crown Prince, Kingdom of Bahrain


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