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Customer Relationship Management


Everyone is a customer to some extent. However, to build an excellent customer relationship and deliver outstanding customer service up, down, across and out of the organization requires more than a set of rules. It requires an attitude and mindset to place the customer as goal number one. Truly excellent customer service and managing a long term customer relationship is built on a real desire to exceed customer expectations, with great effort and energy involved in developing a long term mutually beneficial relationship which results in customer loyalty and total satisfaction.


Content Highlights

Participants will evaluate different models of developing excellent customer relationships and will learn to map the customer experience of their organization or department: what it looks like from the outside, through the eyes of a customer.  This will enable participants to reflect on and improve the current level of the provision of service through the development of an innovative value proposition to boost and develop an excellent and long term customer relationship.  


  • Knowing and really understanding your customers needs and wants
  • Highlighting the role of feelings and behavior in building customer relationships
  • Understanding your real idea, product or service : Your USP Analysis
  • Identifying your customer expectations
  • Mapping your Customer Experience
  • Creating a great Value Proposition
  • Working through the Buy-Sell Hierarchy
  • Communicating the Benefits of Your Product, Service or Idea, Simply and Clearly
  • Benchmarking your CRM model against competition and staying ahead
  • Interacting with different customer profiles
  • Handling customer complaints and feedback positively, politely and efficiently
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and the Delivery of Quality Service
  • Maintaining the relationships; how to keep customers coming back

Course Facts

5 days; 30hours



“We are immensely pleased to be associated with ‘SKILLS’. Their
courses have been of the highest quality covering the subjects’
matters and dealing with practical approaches covering related
jobs functions areas which most of our clients’ delegates
would be applying in their work environment. SKILLS trainers
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and demonstrated the ability to meet the expectation of
the delegates.“

Hussain Ismail
Head of Product Development
Qatar Finance and Business Academy- QFBA, Qatar


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