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Professional Telephone Techniques


The first contact that customers and clients most probably have with your organization is through the telephone – and there is never a second chance to make a first impression on callers who could be potential customers! The telephone is therefore an important marketing tool for business development and should reflect a professional image of your organization. During this workshop, participants will build essential communication skills for dealing with callers, and develop efficient and effective telephone techniques that will enhance your company’s reputation for excellence and lead to better business.


Content Highlights

Participants will learn how to respond with confidence on the telephone when dealing with callers and understand the importance of developing excellent communication skills in order to effectively manage the telephone and successfully promote the organization.  Participants will develop skills to efficiently handle all types of callers and enquiries by improving telephone techniques to create a professional image of both themselves and their company in the process.  Emphasis will be made that the telephone is a critical marketing tool for a company’s success, and depends on your voice, words and excellent rapport established with the caller to achieve this.


  • Developing a Super-User Checklist
  • Making an impression through your voice
  • Actioning effective verbal communications; watch your words
  • Putting a smile into your voice
  • Making, receiving, transferring calls
  • Taking messages
  • Questioning techniques
  • Telephone tips
  • Handling upset callers
  • Negotiating over the telephone
  • Introducing a ‘My Company Way’ of managing the telephone

Course Facts

2 days; 12 hours



“In our efforts at constantly upgrading the skills of our staff and
providing them with relevant learning and developmental
opportunities, we have on several occasions partnered with
SKILLS whose training courses/workshops have been highly
informative, challenging and very effective. They have offered
us custom made courses which have always been of great
value and have been greatly appreciated by the participants.“

Ravi Mohanty, Manager
Training & Development
Kingdom of Bahrain


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