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Stress Management


This course focuses on the nature and causes of stress, and how to reduce the effects of stress which can impact our health, work and relationships. We experience stress when we feel that things are ‘out of control’ and we feel threatened. Many of us experience stress in life, whether this is in the short term from specific issues or challenges we are facing in our lives, or long-term stress from a high-pressure career. Positive and negative stress affects our lives; negative stress needs to be managed to avoid damaging consequences.


Content Highlights

Different people will respond to and cope with stress in different ways and in different situations; this workshop will look at factors which cause symptoms of stress, and ways to recognize and manage stressors in our lives.


  • Understanding different types of stress
  • Examining stressors and symptoms of stress
  • Evaluating approaches to stress management : action approaches, emotion-oriented approaches and acceptance approaches
  • Developing coping mechanisms and defenses against stress
  • Managing boundaries
  • Restructuring unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours
  • Avoiding  burnout
  • Implementing techniques and strategies to successfully manage stress
  • Achieving balance

Course Facts

2 days; 12 hours



“We are immensely pleased to be associated with ‘SKILLS’. Their
courses have been of the highest quality covering the subjects’
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Hussain Ismail
Head of Product Development
Qatar Finance and Business Academy- QFBA, Qatar


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