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Interview Techniques


An interview only offers you a short space of time in which to learn about candidates, evaluate their skills and competencies and reflect on whether they are the right person for a particular position or role. Every minute spent interviewing therefore needs to tell you something important about the person in front of you, and all the information you gather needs to be specific and relevant so that decisions can be made about the possibility of recruitment.


Content Highlights

Participants will develop skills to conduct a professional and successful interview in a time effective and respectful manner.  A good interview will leave the candidate feeling that he/she has presented him/herself in the best way possible and given the most appropriate information.  An interview is also an opportunity to present the organization to potential new and valuable employees, therefore the interviewer has a role of representing and marketing the organization attractively to new candidates as a great place to work.


  • Preparing for the interview
  • Establishing a fair and transparent interview process
  • Success profiling
  • Making the candidate feel at ease
  • Developing professional interpersonal skills; verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Asking different types of open questions to elicit specific information
  • Probing, challenging, leading, defining and explaining during an interview
  • Listening for clues and gathering information
  • Requesting a response to hypothetical and controversial work situations
  • Reflecting organizational values and answering questions
  • Clarifying next steps in the interview process
  • Giving interview feedback
  • Writing your interview report

Course Facts
2 days; 12 hours



“We are immensely pleased to be associated with ‘SKILLS’. Their
courses have been of the highest quality covering the subjects’
matters and dealing with practical approaches covering related
jobs functions areas which most of our clients’ delegates
would be applying in their work environment. SKILLS trainers
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and demonstrated the ability to meet the expectation of
the delegates.“

Hussain Ismail
Head of Product Development
Qatar Finance and Business Academy- QFBA, Qatar


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