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Performance Evaluation


Conducting a performance evaluation is often one of the most dreaded tasks of an HR professional or manager. A successful performance review is about giving and receiving feedback – not just criticizing some random areas of performance by a member of staff and is also an opportunity for the staff member concerned to talk about his/her professional development, setting goals for the future, and giving suggestions. When done in the right way and with good intentions, performance feedback can lead to performance greatness. Employees need to know what they are doing well, and not so well. What they are doing not so well, however, may in reality be a result of lack of resources or training, rather than poor performance, and this will be picked up by the performance evaluation process. In this way, HR professionals or Management can address the real issue and improve the employee’s performance as well as job satisfaction.


Content Highlights

Performance evaluation requires an objective and honest examination of an individual’s performance and the degree to which performance is meeting organizational goals and objectives. Giving effective feedback is a skill and takes practice to build effectively.  Feedback from a performance evaluation needs to be delivered back to the employee carefully and frequently to have an effective and long lasting positive result. Participants will examine how feedback should be given up, down and across the organization in order to successfully improve individual, as well as organizational, performance.


  • Giving feedback effectively as a positive constructive process and experience
  • Being timely in your feedback
  • Preparing comments and using ‘I’ statements
  • Limiting your focus
  • Questioning techniques
  • Changing employee behaviors
  • Providing specific suggestions
  • PDP Planning for employees
  • Motivating and rewarding performance
  • Expanding the performance review process
  • Establishing future expectations
  • Diagnosing poor performance
  • Dealing with poor performance
  • Creating a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Following up and following through

Course Facts

5 days; 24 hours



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