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Developing a Competency Framework


A competency framework links company objectives and personal performance. Defining and measuring effectiveness is a critical part of a role as an HR professional. The challenge is knowing what to measure to give you accurate information. Some people think that qualifications are a good measurement, others think that personal characteristics and attitude are important, and some think that experience is key; however there is no model that can adequately describe what is an ideal set of behaviors and traits to successfully fill a particular role. Furthermore, there is no guarantee even if individuals possess all the skills, qualifications and attributes mentioned that they will perform effectively.


Content Highlights

Participants will examine how to use ‘competencies’ to measure performance which are linked to organizational goals.  Competencies are integrated knowledge, skills, judgement and attributes that people need in order to perform a job effectively and efficiently.  Developing a framework of competencies for your organization will ensure that staff has sufficient expertise, that new staff will be recruited more effectively, performance can be evaluated more accurately, and skills gaps can be more easily addressed.  Participants will design a competency framework which outlines specifically what people need to do to be effective in their roles, and clearly establish how roles relate to organizational goals and success.


  • Designing the principles of a competency framework
  • Developing the framework
  • Building the framework
  • Identifying and naming competencies
  • Implementing the framework
  • Communicating the framework

Course Fact

3 days; 18 hours 3 days; 18 hours



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Training & Development
Kingdom of Bahrain


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