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Financial Mathematics


This course introduces mathematical methods that are common in finance. The course provides a rigorous understanding of standard financial models and then illustrates their implementation using EXCEL. The philosophy behind this course is that the best way to understand theory is to apply it. The focus throughout the course is on understanding theoretical principles and then applying it using Excel


Content Highlights
Present Values and Future Values
Annuities and Perpetuities
Fixed Income Valuation
Valuing Money Market Instruments
Interpreting Bond Quotes and Dividend Discount Models
Zero Growth, Constant Growth and Non-Constant Growth Models
Project Valuation Methods
The Goals of Portfolio Management
Return Maximization & Risk Minimization
Standard Deviation, Correlation & Covariance
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Portfolio Return & Risk for N-asset portfolios
Unconstrained & Constrained Optimization
Forwards and Futures Contracts
Options and Option Strategies


Upon the completion of this course, the participants will be able to gain knowledge of:

Introduction to valuation
Bond Risks: reinvestment rate risk & price risk
Pricing bonds, determining ytm’s on excel, modeling duration on Excel
Equity valuation & project valuation
Basics of portfolio theory
Modeling two asset portfolio models and calculating Beta on Excel
Advanced optimization
Introduction to risk management
Implementing matrix multiplication & matrix transposition on Excel;


Course Facts

5 days; 30 hours



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