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Elements of Banking


This course introduces participants to the basics of banking (conventional & Islamic) operations and financial services, in particular the general principles of banking operations, introduction to the financial sector and banking systems. An overview of the nature and operations of International Trade, Foreign Exchange transactions would be discussed as well. The standard application of Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence in Banking Operations would be emphasized while participants would have the opportunity of having introduction to the concept and overview of Islamic Banking products/ operations and Money Laundering processes and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.


Content Highlights

• Development and control of the banking system
• Central bank – definition and roles
• Conventional banking products, various types of accounts and categories of customers
• Payment methods and funds transfer system
• Introduction to foreign exchange operations –spot and forward exchange rates
• Collections/ documentary letters of credit
• Islamic banking – instruments/products, roles and operations
• Introduction to anti-money laundering awareness
• Internal control policies and compliance in banking operations


On completion of the course, participants would be expected to have gained:

• An idea of the concept and overview of domestic banking operations
• A clear knowledge on the process of operations in domestic banking
• An introduction to the central banking operations, roles and responsibilities in the nation’s economy
• Understanding of the various types of conventional banking products and customers
• Basic understanding of the composition and content of the bank’s balance sheet
• Understanding of international trade and foreign exchange operations
• Understand the development, concepts and principles of Islamic banking products and services
• Anti-money laundering overview and awareness
• Comprehension of the internal control policies and compliance culture in our operations environment
• Risks confronted by banks in their operation and the need for regulation of banking sector

Course Facts

5 days; 30 hours



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