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Negotiable Instruments


This program introduces participants to the legal aspects of commercial paper used in bank’s day-to-day transactions. The course will focus on the practical side of negotiable instruments as well as the legal procedures in case of dishonor or any forgery regarding the instruments.


Content Highlights

• Attribute of negotiable instruments
• Types of negotiable instruments
• The legal requirements of an instrument (Cheque)
• Endorsements and crossings
• Rights and duties of each party to an instrument
• Risks facing the collecting bank
• Protections available for banks on third party instruments collection and conversions
• Risks facing the paying bank
• Protections available for banks on payment of third party instrument
• Protections against wrongful dishonor or incorrect clearance procedure
• Situation where the collecting bank is also the paying bank
• Clearing Mechanisms


Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to understand:

• The law and practices relating to negotiable instruments and their relevance to the banking practice
• The meaning of negotiable instruments (banknotes, cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes, etc.)
• Main features and comparison between different types of negotiable instruments
• Responsibilities of the paying bank, correspondent bank, confirming bank
• Indemnities and deferred payment guarantees

Course Facts

3 days; 18 hours



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