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Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance


The Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance course gives a thorough explanation on the fundamental principles of various key aspects in Islamic banking and finance. This includes a discussion on the major contracts applied in the industry, the current Islamic banking landscape, the authorities of interpretation, and a review of some of the widely used products in Islamic banking. This course is necessary for any individual who would like to delve deeper into the area of Islamic banking and finance and in most cases is made as an ideal pre-requisite before taking any other Islamic finance related specialised course.


Content Highlights

• The evolution of Islamic banking and finance: Past, Present, and Future
• A recap on Islamic economics and its fundamental principle
• The context of Shariah and economic contracts in Islam
• Defining the principles and prohibitions of Islamic Finance
• Appointment and role of Shariah board
• Principles of Islamic Finance
• The Islamic contracts: Basic principles and application of Murabahah, Tawarruq, Salam, Istisna’, Ijarah, and Musharaka
• Overview of Islamic investments: Application of Sukuks, Mutual funds and other products
• Islamic Treasury Products


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Explain the history of Islamic banking and finance and its current situation today, and identify key growth drivers that will mold the future
• Discuss the various sources of the Shariah and its authorities of interpretation; explaining its foundational relationship to Islamic economics, banking and finance
• Analyse the key features of Islamic economics, banking and finance in comparison to their conventional equivalents
• Identify various contemporary commercial Islamic nominate contracts: their definition, philosophy, types, legal foundations, and application
• Compare and contrast a selection of modern Islamic banking products with conventional banking products and analyse which of those that are more in line with the spirits of Shariah

Course Facts
5 days, 30 hours



“The trainings conducted by SKILLS (previously BFST) has always been a huge success among BIsB's employees! The employees have been able to obtain a new sense of confidence and have been able to communicate their ideas & concerns. Their input has given us the opportunity to implement new strategies and procedures to improve our banking services. Thank you SKILLS for your professionalism and commitment to excellence. I unequivocally recommend SKILLS to those interested in improving their employees' skills”.

Reem Al Mutawaj
Manager - Training & Development
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Kingdom of Bahrain


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