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Regulatory Compliance Program


The program is intended to keep the compliance officers (COs), internal control officers (ICOs) and money laundering reporting officers (MLROs) abreast of their responsibilities, duties, limits, and liabilities and to update them on all new changes in regulations imposed by the Central Bank and other relevant supervisory authorities. The forum will prepare the MLROs further towards tackling different issues and trends and techniques of operation by the money launderers and criminal individuals and groups that might be unprecedented. Further opportunities will be explored on the assessment and evaluation of the industry, organizations and individuals (MLRO) regarding the level of compliance achieved and setting a realistic target for the future.
This workshop is introduced to position the Banking and financial institutions on compliance and matters pertaining to regulations and policies in these institutions’ operations.


Content Highlights

• Compliance culture: Why it is important, and how to communicate the obligations
• A thorough knowledge on the requirements regarding legal, regulatory and operational framework relating to anti-money laundering policies internationally
• Design and implement an effective system of controls within a financial services business
• Risk profile clients
• Communicate confidently with regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies
• Generate essential management information for use in the evaluation and risk profiling of financial services, products and client types
• Positively influence the compliance culture of an organization
• Increase and achieve the targeted compliance level of an organization
• Adopt the appropriate preventive strategies against the dangers of ML/ FT


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

• Gain a deep understanding of and appreciation for the necessity of a strong and well equipped compliance function within any financial services institution
• Get introduced to best approaches to compliance with regulatory requirements and structuring an effective compliance framework
• Maintain a well-functioning compliance department, and the skills required to succeed as a compliance officer
• Gain a better understanding of the compliance responsibilities, and the specific requirements that apply to this function
• Expand knowledge of Central Bank's regulations and directives and the difference between a best practice and a regulatory obligation
• The role of the board of directors, the supervisors, the internal and external auditors

Course Facts

5 days; 30 hours



“The trainings conducted by SKILLS (previously BFST) has always been a huge success among BIsB's employees! The employees have been able to obtain a new sense of confidence and have been able to communicate their ideas & concerns. Their input has given us the opportunity to implement new strategies and procedures to improve our banking services. Thank you SKILLS for your professionalism and commitment to excellence. I unequivocally recommend SKILLS to those interested in improving their employees' skills”.

Reem Al Mutawaj
Manager - Training & Development
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Kingdom of Bahrain


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