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Project Appraisal and Financing


Corporate and commercial borrowers of banks approach banks to fund long term capital projects like setting up new businesses, expansion, renovation, diversification of existing business. Government agencies approach banks for financing infrastructure projects such as building electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects, roads, bridges, etc. These projects require large sums of money. The payback period of such projects is invariably long. This course introduces to appraising and financing long term capital projects undertaken by bank borrowers.


Content Highlights

Introduction to Project Appraisal and Financing
Nature of Capital Projects
Time Value of Money
Net present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Elements of successful project financing
Evaluation of a project
Evaluation of project risks and project risk mitigation
Project financing structures
Actual Case study to illustrate risk and reward in project financing
Public Private Partnerships in Project Financing, the newest trend


Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

List the various types of risks peculiar to project financing
Distinguish capital projects from conventional working investment funding
Compare between assets as security in conventional and project financing
Analyze the key elements in loan decision making for project financing
Appraise loan cost, loan income and loan pricing using a real case study
Differentiate between corporate lending and project lending

Course Facts

5 days; 30 hours



“The trainings conducted by SKILLS (previously BFST) has always been a huge success among BIsB's employees! The employees have been able to obtain a new sense of confidence and have been able to communicate their ideas & concerns. Their input has given us the opportunity to implement new strategies and procedures to improve our banking services. Thank you SKILLS for your professionalism and commitment to excellence. I unequivocally recommend SKILLS to those interested in improving their employees' skills”.

Reem Al Mutawaj
Manager - Training & Development
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Kingdom of Bahrain


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