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Islamic Leasing (Ijarah)


The Islamic leasing course gives a detailed explanation on the many aspects of Ijarah; covering its principles, legal foundations, and more specifically, how it is applied in the current Islamic banking practice. The course makes use of cases that utilize sample contracts to further explain to participants the concepts of Ijarah.


Content Highlights

• Explain the background of traditional leasing and list the types of leasing that exist
• Review the history of Islamic banking and the current Islamic banking and finance landscape
• Discuss the key principles of Islamic banking, referencing the sources of Shari’a, and then specifically relating it with Islamic leasing
• Describe the essential rules of Islamic leasing and explain how Islamic leasing is applied to the modern products of Islamic banking
• Identify and evaluate the key differences between Islamic leasing and traditional leasing
• Explain the key points of AAOIFI Shari’a standards and FAS on Ijarah and apply the latter in solving accounting related questions


Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

• Gain a more in-depth understanding of the specific contract of Ijarah
• Understand the application of Ijarah contracts in the current Islamic banking products
• Get knowledge of the applicable AAOIFI standards with respect to Islamic leasing/Ijarah

Course Facts

3 days; 18 hours



“The trainings conducted by SKILLS (previously BFST) has always been a huge success among BIsB's employees! The employees have been able to obtain a new sense of confidence and have been able to communicate their ideas & concerns. Their input has given us the opportunity to implement new strategies and procedures to improve our banking services. Thank you SKILLS for your professionalism and commitment to excellence. I unequivocally recommend SKILLS to those interested in improving their employees' skills”.

Reem Al Mutawaj
Manager - Training & Development
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Kingdom of Bahrain


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