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Risk Management


The main objective of this course is to provide the participants with a basic understanding of the meaning of risks in finance. This course discusses risks faced by different financial instruments and methods to quantify these risks. It also views the implementation of the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision in relation to Capital Adequacy and Risk Management through Basel III. The course will help financial analysts, risk managers and strategic decision makers comprehend the impact of the revised and additional regulations on the bank earnings and capital and to adopt best practices in risk management in conformity with international standards.


Content Highlights

• Understanding financial risks
• Review of investment products including derivatives (forwards, futures and options)
• Measuring, monitoring and controlling risks on investment products
• Understanding and implementing Value at Risk(VaR)
• Value-at-Risk Methods (Parametric, historical and montecarlo simulation)
• Calculating market risk capital under Basel Accord
• Understanding Credit Risk and Operational Risk
• Monitoring and controlling
• Treatment of Credit risk mitigates under Basel III
• The treatment of credit risk and operational risk under Basel
• Basel III key principles, impact and implementation
• Basel II vs. Basel III


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:

• Financial Risk Management concept and its development
• Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk
• Risk Management Process: Identify, Measure, Monitor and Control
• The Basel Accords (I, II and III) and the regulation for credit , market and operational risk measurement, management, supervision and disclosure
• Recent developments in the Global economy and risks its facing

Course Facts

5 days; 30 hours



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