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Operational Risk Management


Banks are influenced by the developments of the external environment in which it is called to operate, as well as by its internal organization, procedures and processes. A bank faces mainly three types of risk: credit risk, market risk and operational risk. Operational risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events. The definition includes legal risk but excludes strategic and reputational risk. Operational risk differs from other banking risks in that it is typically not directly taken in return for an expected reward, but exists in the natural course of corporate activity, which affects the risk management process.


Content Highlights

• What Risk Management Really Means
• The process of managing risks
• Overview and Importance of Operational Risk Management
• Types of Operational Risk Relevant
• Integration of Risk Management
• Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Senior Management
• Principles of identification, assessment, monitoring, and controlling/mitigating Operational Risk
• Basel II Loss Event Categorization for Operational Risk
• Calculation of Aggregate Loss Distributions and Capital Requirements for Operational Risk
• Insuring against Operational Risk
• Succession Planning, Outsourcing and Business Continuity Planning


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:

• The concept of “Risk” and its different types
• The evolving role of Risk Managers
• Why risk management is important
• The process of managing risks
• What is Operational Risk?
• Developing an effective Risk Management Plan
• Basel Committee Principles for The Sound Management of Operational Risk
• Basel II Loss Event Categorization for Operational Risk
• Operational Risk Management Framework

Course Facts

3 days; 18 hours



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