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Intensive Bank Analysis


A three-day case study based workshop for credit risk, fixed income, origination and regulatory professionals. This course offers an in-depth analytic approach to the credit analysis of both local and international commercial banks. The overall goal of this interactive three day workshop is to provide participants with structured approach to analyzing the credit risk of banks and the skills to make an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a bank.


Content Highlights

Review of core analysis using basic ratios; identifying the need to drill down further behind the numbers
Assessing lending, contingent and structured credit risk in large complex banks.
Assessing market risk and counterparty risk in derivatives
Assessing the risk in structured finance on and off balance sheet
Analyzing liquidity risks and assessing quality of capital


Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

Use a structured approach to the analysis of banks, incorporating the CAMELS framework within the wider context of the operating environment and support
Identify strong and weak performers using a detailed analysis of financial statements within the context of local and international accounting and business norms
Identify financial, qualitative and market early warning signals of credit migration
Stress test bank capital and ability to withstand credit, market and liquidity risk
Evaluate strategy and risk management capabilities within the context of the current and future economic climate and changing competitive, political and regulatory conditions, including Basel III capital and liquidity requirements

Course Facts

3 days; 18 hours



“In our efforts at constantly upgrading the skills of our staff and
providing them with relevant learning and developmental
opportunities, we have on several occasions partnered with
SKILLS whose training courses/workshops have been highly
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Ravi Mohanty, Manager
Training & Development
Kingdom of Bahrain


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